Amir Azarbad

Persist in mentioning our own law as governing law in Contract

I, as an International Commercial contract consultant , usually see how both lawyers of parties persist in mentioning their own country law as governing law for Intl.contracts they are drafting.

Do they think the their own country law will be prefect for the contract or they prefer mentioning that’s why they don’t know the law of the other party?

Some times,  the laws of country of one party will not protect his/her profits but the law of country of another.

I think first Question every lawyer drafting Intl. Contract have to answer is: which law can protect better my client benefits?

So, the main lesson every Intl. Lawyer  drafting Intl. Commercial Contract should learn:  the prefect law can not be our country law in probability. so, need not all be true your own country law can protect your benefits.

Amir Azarbad.

International Trade Consultant – Lawyer , PhD Candidate & Teacher of International Commercial Contract.

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