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Commercial Lawyer in Iran

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In Iran, Legal advisory services and lawyers are not classified according to expert knowledge legally, but in practice, some  attorneys make effort to work and study in specific expert, because these days, an attorney can not be expert in all aspects of law.

an Commercial lawyer, an attorney  working and studying Domestic & International commercial law, have to know all law aspects of commerce in Iran. like law of company , law of contract , Arbitration including domestic and international expert and export affairs , Banking law and other commercial law matters which is necessary to make a commercial contract safe.

Commercial Lawyer in Iran has to be expert in negotiation and providing international commercial contracts. Commercial Lawyer in Iran have to be expert in Arbitration and Legal Procedure that is why he/she have to set articles of a contract according to what arbitrators issues awards based on.

International Law Office Amir Azarbad , Iranian attorney at law , working and teaching international commercial contracts in Tehran, giving all international and domestic commercial services. like attending commercial meeting for providing contract , Providing International Contracts , Legal Consulting , Legal Supervising and controlling international commercial contract (long term contracts or short term) , litigation in Arbitration Centers  in Iran or Abroad or Judicial Court of Iran.

All Legal Services of International Office of Amir Azarbad are given in Iran or abroad.

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Amir Azarbad – Iranian Attorney at Law

Ph. D candidate and teacher of International Commercial Contracts

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