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Reflections of local laws over international commercial contracts

Dear honorable Readers,

If you’re trying to set up an international agreement, I, Amir Azarbad, an Iranian Attorney at law in Iran-Tehran and Ph.D Candidate in Private Law working in International Commercial Contracts  suggest some issues as bellow;

First, even you mention an applicable law in your contract, some local laws can be applied and affected your relationship and your contract. so, you need laws governing in where the contract is fulfilled. using an commercial attorney gives you necessary advise on drafting an commercial agreement is very useful. for example, Tax regulations, Immovable Property regulation, Intellectual property Acts, Criminal laws, Investigation laws, work laws and many laws affect your relationship.

Second, making good negotiation needs to have full information on local laws, performance of some clauses in contract may be impossible to do, So using an commercial attorney gives you necessary advise on governing laws is very useful.

So, your final contract should be reviewed by an attorney who is familiar with International trade law and also contracts, every phrase we mention in a contract will  not be valid! and some times  clauses had been ambiguous worded and will cause to problems.

Third, you;d better to take comment from  local attorney. your purpose from making a deal is performance of that and every contract need to be performed in a country(s), so some local laws affect in your contract in practice. hence, a independent lawyer in that country can help you. every attorney, must know his/her own legal issues first.

Amir Azarbad, Attorney at law

Ph.D Candidate

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