International trade

International trade and commerce in operations and business and commercial activities at the international level is that part of it is the same as the internal business and part of it has an international avesaf. so solely with internal visibility can not be found on all international issues, was under full surround to describe the amendments international business matters in which there is less international contracts.

International commercial terms is called the incoterms   is actually part of a contract to buy or sell your goods to get the goods delivered and the delivery is concerned who in turn not on economic and economic or buying or selling you. now that you have been buying group where the seller’s warehouse at the place of delivery and place yourself in the activity, the cost of carry is the cost of insurance who With whom is the cost of the goods who is checking with the cost of obtaining export licenses bache is someone who carries a commodity contract is concluded and its cost?

Therefore, each of these terms mean the rights and incomes is included if you contract based on the (cpt) has been set up and you must be the seller of item نظرهستیدof the buyer of the goods to the shipping company to obtain export licenses to deliver if his respective country for licensing the export taxes levied to pay the requiredfees and the cost of loading the goods and pay the shipping cost and etc. so you must carefully consider all the details The exact calculation of cost and benefit.
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