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How to refer to International Tribunal for Arbitration

In General there are three ways to refer a International Commercial Dispute to a Arbitration Center.

As what the ACIC ( Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industrial and Mines, Submission of dispute may be done through either ways;

1- Separate arbitration agreement.

2-Arbitration clause in underlying contract. and

3- Actual submission by the claimant and acceptance by the respondent.

These ways are the same for International Tribunals around globe. for referring disputes to a Arbitration Center. it is better to take a look on the center’s site or it’s regulations.

For the first two ways, as there is binding agreement for arbitration, the Arbitration Centers surely have jurisdiction, but about the last one, because there is no binding agreement between parties for arbitration, arbitration Centers have to have the respondent acceptance, clearly or implied.

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