Nowadays, commercial disputes to arbitration contracts inherent component in the internal surface, especially at the international level.
International commercial arbitration under the contract as a way of settlement of disputes is not seen.

Even if you have not included an arbitration clause in a contract, the parties can refer their case to arbitration.

In this regard Art. 455 of civil procedure law of Iran has prescribed that “parties can also be required or transaction pursuant to a separate agreement to agree that in the event of a dispute referred to arbitration between them.

Also, in the case of international business arbitration clause of article 1, paragraph (c) of the recent law of commercial arbitration international mandates that “the arbitration agreement may be in the form of an arbitration clause in the contract or in the form of a separate contract.

Adjudication in the case of domestic lawsuits mainly packaging claims except bankruptcy and lawsuits about the dispute to the principle of cancellation of marriage, divorce and parentage in the case of international lawsuits in the case of disputes in commercial relations between the buying and selling of goods and services, transport, insurance, finance, consulting services, investment, technical cooperation, representation, work remuneration, Contracting and similar activities.
In the event of a trade dispute on the interpretation or validity of spun yarn, run and execute contracts if this Office to be selected as a referee for parties than  votes will take action arbitration.