International Commercial Law

Our Commercial lawyer , Amir Azarbad , is highly experience and Teacher

Banking Law

Legal advisory about LC , Bank Guarantees , Receivables

Domestic Commercial Law

Litigation - Providing Domestic Commercial Contracts

Arbitration and Litigation

Advocacy in Judicial and Arbitration centers in Iran

Company Law

Legal Advisory about Directors's responsibilities - Benefits and so on

Contractual Disputes

Legal Advisory about Disputes arising of Contracts
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Our commitment to serve each and every client of ours respectfully, discreetly, professionally and has helped us win the loyalty of comprehensive clients of all starting from individuals troubled with family lawsuits or giant corporate dealing with default lawsuits. At our firm, we aim to you but the best legal solution for your case. Our law firm consists of remarkable team of expert trial attorneys in just about every field of law you can name, and it is because of this nature of the legal services we provide, our firm has been able to stay ahead of its league for decades.

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Our Services

International law Offices of Amir Azarbad

We are passionate about the law and providing successful outcomes for our clients.

  • Preparing International and Domestic Contract , Legal Supervising on Performance of Contracts and making notices.
  • Advocacy on Court(s) and Arbitration Center of Iran 
  • Legal Consultant in International & Domestic agreement, company law, law of contract, banking law, Guarantees,  Documentary Credit , Oil and Gas.
  • Other Legal Advisory Service                   


15. May
Persist in mentioning our own law as governing law in Contract

Persist in mentioning our own law as governing law in Contract

I, as an International Commercial contract consultant, usually see how both lawyers of parties persist in mentioning their own country law as governing law of their contract! Do they  think their law will be prefect for the contract or they don't know the law of the other party? I see some times the laws of …
6. Apr
Advocacy in Arbitration Canters of Iran

Advocacy in Arbitration Canters of Iran

Hello, As we know, nowadays more than 95% of international commercial disputes are referring to arbitration. Iran has several great arbitration center like ACIC (Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber). ACIC was established in 3 February 2002 by virtue of a specific piece of law called "The Law on Auricles of Association of ACIC" as approved …